Budgeting techniques are the building blocks to your financial future. We have specialized in providing additional services while preparing your tax return. Ask us about our budget program when you complete your tax return. Identify your goals and tailor a budget to set your finances to achieve them e.g. Pay off debts, start a savings plan, build super, pay off your home loan.

Moneysmart web site https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/income-tax/how-australians-spend-their-tax-refunds

  • 29% – Paid bills
  • 21% – Saved it
  • 16% – Didn’t get a refund
  • 13% – Loans or credit card payments
  • 9% – Home loan payments
  • 5% – Holiday
  • 5% – Other things (including engagement ring, education, car rego/tyres, party)
  • 2% – Household appliances

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