Choose an accountant

Accountants are specialist advisors that will provide you with accounting and tax advice. The right person will save you time and money year after year and it is in your best interest to have an experienced person helping you with your finances.

Choose a registered tax agent

You should use us as your registered tax agent to prepare and lodge your tax
return. Registered tax agents are the only people
allowed to charge a fee to prepare and lodge tax returns.

agents must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Using a
registered agent will provide you with consumer protection as the TPB ensures

  • meet and maintain the required standard or qualifications and experience
  • comply with the Code of Professional Conduct.
  • When choosing an agent, you should discuss the service to be provided so you both know what to expect

If you’re
using a tax agent for the first time, or using a different tax agent, you need
to contact them before 31 October to take advantage of their extended program
due dates.

Choose a CPA Practice

There are many options for anyone looking for help managing their finances but for day-to-day financial management and procedures people often look to accountants or CPA’s.  While Accountants and CPA’s are often thought of as the same, there are definite differences and here are three reasons why a CPA can be the best option

1.      All CPA’s are accountants, but not all accountants are CPA’s. 

CPA’s are
licensed and certified to practice as trained professionals. We are highly
trained through the completion of rigorous education and training which

  • Degree qualified from an accredited university
  • Passing CPA Examination
  • Competently experience gained with supervision of an actively licensed CPA
  • Ongoing compliance with continuing education requirements to maintain their license


2.      CPA’s and comprehensive services

Hiring a
CPA has its advantages in that they play an important part in managing business
finances, oversee and manage bookkeeping functions, then analyze the financials
and prepare financial reports.  

provides big-picture assessments of all facets of your business finances as
well as management of:

  • Set up the right structure for you
  • Set up the right accounting system
  • Regular analysis and insight of your financial health
  • Budget creation and audits
  • Review and preparation of financial statements

3.      CPA’s are Tax Experts. 

CPA’s stay current tax regulations and can prepare accurate tax returns for you.  A CPA will provide tax planning strategies and also have the knowledge to resolve tax problems such as late returns.

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