• This letter is to confirm the terms of engagement between yourself and SJ Ellis Accounting Services and the nature and limitations of the services that we provide.

Scope and Period of the Engagement

  • This Terms of Engagement for Public Accounting Services (TE) confirms the engagement and the nature and limitations of services provided.
  • This engagement includes your personal tax return and we will provide you with a taxation return summary.
  • We will provide you with professional accounting services in compliance with APES Standard 110 Code of Ethics (Code), taxation services in accordance with APES Standard 220 Taxation Services and the Code of Professional Conduct pursuant to Tax Agent Services Act 2009.
  • Unless otherwise specified in this TE or letter of engagement, audit and assurance or review are not included in this engagement.
  • This TE will commence at the time you indicate acceptance and will continue until revoked by us or you.

Our Promise

  • We will perform procedures (guided by the APES suite of standards) required that are directly related to the engagement consistent with our Fundamental Principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, professional behaviour, and identifying, avoiding and dealing with conflicts of interests.
  • We will document sufficient and appropriate records of the procedures performed for the TE, which may be subject to quality review by CPA Australia under APES 320 Quality Control for Firms.

Our Responsibilities

  • We are obliged to consider whether our clients create any threats to compliance with our Fundamental Principles and where we cannot reduce the risk to an acceptable level, we are obliged to cease the TE under the Code (section 320) to decline or cease the client engagement.
  • We have a duty to act in your best interests, unless this duty is inconsistent with our duty to act in the public interest.
  • If this TE involves taxation services, we will inform you of your (or your employer’s) rights and obligations available under taxation law, including any rights that might be available to seek a private ruling and the lodging of objections and appeals against adverse positions adopted by revenue authorities of any possible penalties and other legal tax consequences to enable you to make an informed decision.

Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for full disclosure of all relevant information and for your own record keeping relating to your affairs.
  • You provided us with records relating to your affairs.
  • You are responsible for the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the particulars and information provided to us, and, if the TE includes financial reporting, the accounting records and disclosures of all material and relevant information provided to us. Accordingly, any advice given to you is only an opinion based on our knowledge or your particular circumstances.
  • You are responsible for retaining paperwork for as long as legally required.
  • If the TE includes taxation services:
    (a) you have obligations under self-assessment to keep full and proper records in order to facilitate the preparation of accurate returns
    (b) you must retain paperwork for a period of five years after the assessment as you may be subject to an Australian Taxation Office review
    (c) you are responsible for checking the assessment before submission to ensure accuracy.

Ownership of Documents

  • You own all original materials given to us and we own all materials produced by us that resulted from our skill and attention to the extent that the materials produced by us incorporate any original materials you give to us.
  • We may exercise a lien of your documents in our possession in the event of a dispute, which will be handled in accordance with our firm’s dispute resolution process.
  • Subject to the payment of all outstanding professional fees and disbursements owing to us, we will provide you with materials produced by us for you in the event you engage the services of another practitioner and the materials are required by your new practitioner.

The fee arrangement is based on the expected amount of time and the level of staff required to complete the tax return as agreed.

  • Our professional fees will be calculated on a fixed fee basis and are GST inclusive

    Basic Tax Return (TR) $129, Intermediate TR and 10 Deductions $169, Advanced TR Deduction and Rental $199

  • If no method is specified, our fees will be calculated on a time-cost basis at a rate of $140 per hour.

  • Our invoices may also include disbursements paid by us. These may include photocopying charges, ATO correspondence, telephone and facsimile transmission charges, travel fares and expenses, stamp duty and fees paid to third parties such as couriers, registration fees or fees for other professionals. These may be in addition to the fixed price (if applicable).
  • Unless other payment terms are agreed, each invoice is payable within 7 days of receipt.
  • Please note we expect payment before Lodgement and we do not take fee from refund.
  • We will charge interest on late accounts at a rate of 7%p.a.
  • You are responsible for all recovery costs associated with the collection of your debt.

Additional Fees for Service

  • Missing PAYG Summary $20.00
  • Assets/Liabilities, Profit & Loss $100
  • Business schedule $100
  • CGT simple $6
  • CGT Complex per hour $55
  • Foreign source income simple $6
  • complex (Foreign source income test) $55
  • Tax information $140 per hour
  • Specialist advice $140 per hour
  • PSI $50
  • non- commercial losses $60
  • BAS & Bookkeeping work $55 per hour
  • BAS lodgement $55
  • Administration $55 per hour
  • ABN application $55

Third Party Involvement

  • We may from time to time engage third party specialist professionals and other public practitioners, where warranted, to obtain the advice you need or to assist us to provide our service to you. These may include cloud service providers and outsourced service providers.
  • We will seek your consent if third party involvement is likely to exceed the fixed price (if applicable).
  • Thura Pty Ltd Services is an authorised representative of Lifespan 1272789 which is the preferred provider of financial planning services for S J Ellis Accounting Services. SJ Ellis accounting services does not provide financial planning advice but due to client demand it has been necessary to create our own financial planning business (Thura Pty Ltd). If you choose to utilise Thura’s service, a fee for service will be received by Thura and by signing this document you authorise the transfer of information between both SJ Ellis Accounting Service and Thura Pty Ltd.


  • Our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information (PI) may be subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and accordingly we will only collect PI about you that relates to the TE. We may disclose PI about you with your implied consent for the primary purpose of this TE or to third parties by express consent or as required by law.
  • We may collect PI about you, your representatives, your clients and others when we provide services to you. If we do, you agree to work with us to ensure that we both meet our respective obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Your obligations may include ensuring your privacy policy and contracts include a reference to your collection practices, how you will use the PI and that you may disclose the PI to an agent for public accounting services.
  • We have an ethical duty of confidentiality, which means we must not share or disclose your details of this TE to anyone without your consent unless required to by law.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

  • We hold professional indemnity insurance of at least the minimum amount prescribed in the CPA Australia Ltd By-Laws or as required by law.

Please be aware, a lot of work is done in preparation for your tax return prior to your appointment.  If you fail to attend your appointment, a compensation fee of $99 will be charged for labour and income loss.


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Signed On: August 6, 2020

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